SUP Polo

SUP Polo is fast and fun for everyone

Blue Chip SUP Club has 2 SUP Polo Teams training every fortnight, all year round.

We train at the Thames Sailing Club and at the Guildford Lido.

We’re always on the lookout for new team players and can easily accommodate an additional team.

To play SUP Polo, you don’t need to be a SUP Ninja.

It’s a great team sport that gives you another reason to enjoy paddleboarding.

8 players – 1 ball – 2 goals

SUP Polo is a simple game, with a few basic rules to keep the game moving.   We’ve listed the basics below for you but for the us the biggest part is play smart and keep it moving.

Two teams of 4 (maximum)
  • Two teams of 4 (maximum) in play at all times.
  • Each team can have substitute players which can be swapped at an time during play
  • Substitute players must be registered prior to the match
  • Each team is limited to a maximum of 8 substitute players
Only 4 Team boards in the pool
  • Each team can only use 4 nominated i-SUP boards for any given game. Boards cannot be swapped once a game has started unless the player on the board is also being substituted.
Only 4 Team boards in play
  • Swapped players must either use the same board that the original player started the game on or if also changing boards, the original board must come out of the water before the new board is put into the water.
Swapping Players
  • Players can be swapped with “pre-registered reserve players” by the Team Coach at any time during the game and as many times as the team coach decides. Only “pre-advised reserve players” can enter the game. Play will not stop while players are being swapped, so speed is of the essence.
SUPolo area
  • Approximately 25m   x 20m
  • 18.5cm Diameter minimum weight 300g  –  water polo size 3
Two goals
  • Inflatable or rigid and floating
  • Maximum size 2.5m x 1.5m  –  Minimum size 2.0m x 1.0m
SUPolo Paddles
  •  SUPolo “Wholypaddles” are advised
SUPolo Boards
  •  Any iSUP board, the more maneuverable the better
  • 5 minutes each way – (10 minutes total) .
  • The clock will stop after a goal has been scored and will restart on the Ref’s restart whistle.


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